Welcome to The Sakura Tree's Grand Narukami Shrine, a variation of a Shinto Shrine dedicated to Inari Okami, one of the principle Kami of Shinto faith. It is inspired in equal parts by it's namesake, the Genshin shrine, and some of Japan's many other Inari shrines.Over one third of all Shinto shrines in Japan, as well as our own home, are dedicated to Inari, who is often depicted as both male and female, and sometimes, no gender at all. Inari, a god considered to be the patron of industry, business, warriors, swordsmiths, and many more is most commonly associated with fertility, rice, tea, sake, agriculture, prosperity, success, and foxes, otherwise known as Kitsune. In fact, Kitsune are a type of Yokai that are believed to be fox messengers for Inari.All are welcome under the blessings of the Sakura Tree and we sincerely hope you enjoy your stay with us as ! Feel free to partake in many of the services we offer whenever they are available!

About Us

The Sakura Tree <Inari> is an LGBTQIA+ friendly Free Company and functional Shinto shrine that can be found on the Sophia Server of the Materia Data Center for the Oceanic Region of Final Fantasy XIV.Ran By the dynamic duo of Jade Lily & Sky Lily, our Free Company strives to build a friendly, welcoming, and social atmosphere for all who call OCE home, no matter what server you may reside on. The Grand Narukami Shrine, which can be found in Ward 6, Plot 16, of the Shirogane housing district is always open, and welcome to all! Keep an eye out here or in party finder for any events the shrine may be running or request our services at any time.Don't worry, we're not just a shrine though! We frequently run roulettes, maps, mount/glam groups, a raid static, plus endless possibilities in the future such as blu groups and more

Our Leaders

Jade Lily

Jade Lily is passionate, loyal, kind, caring, and willing to go above and beyond to look out for people. Though often taking on numerous tasks at once, she is always ready to help out anyone that asks and is always happy to be approached. Gunbreaker Main, she adores all things tanking, but as a full mentor she can help with basically anything anyone could possibly need in FFXIV. She also serves as the Head Shrine Maiden (Miko) for all Shrine events and functions.

Sky Lily

Sky is a loving, caring, and nurturing person. She truly strives to make every effort to be as helpful as she possibly can be to anyone. You can think of her as the FC Mom. Sage Main, sky loves to heal, and is one of the best people you could go to for healing advice. As a trade mentor and omni-crafter Sky is proficient in all crafting and gathering advice you could possibly need. She also serves as one of the Shrine Maidens (Miko) for all Shrine events and functions.

Our Goals

Much like Inari Ōkami, The Sakura Tree strives to bring prosperity and good fortune to all, not just those within our Free Company. To be a place of respite, peace, and a caring and passionate community.

To achieve this, we encourage all members to:

  • Be free of Bigotry and hate, our community includes many members of marginalised groups, but even if that was not the case, we cannot strive to build a prosperous and caring community if our members spread hate and bigotry, there is a zero tolerance for this.

  • Be kind and respectful, not just to those within the FC but to those out of it as well, make the world better one interaction at a time.

  • Strive to help everyone inside and outside of our community, build up Materia to be the best it can be.

  • And finally, have fun! This game is all about fun, so it goes without saying that make sure you enjoy all that you do.

We want The Sakura Tree to be a positive thing for the server, the data centre, the game, and the players. We believe in fostering a safe and welcoming place where everyone can be themselves without fear or worry, and we encourage all members to help us to achieve this goal.

Shrine Events

Sakura Tree Community Discord Giveaways.
The Sakura Tree invites you to join us for our community monthly giveaways, open to all discord members, these giveaways shall contain similar prizes and styles to those seen in the Free Company giveaways but are open for every active member of our wonderful Sakura Tree discord community. Entry is as simple as a react each time a new giveaway thread is announced, make sure you are a member of our discord if you don't wish to miss out on these amazing and entertaining opportunities. If you find yourself enjoying the community giveaways always remember The Sakura Tree welcomes all and our Free company has weekly giveaways as well ♥
Free Company Events

Weekly Reset Giveaways
The Sakura Tree runs weekly giveaways that are drawn each weekly reset. Entry is as simple as just adding a react to the current raffle thread found on our Discord. While the weekly giveaways are for Free Company members only, the monthly giveaways are open to anyone within our discord, feel free to join the discord and keep an eye out on the giveaway channel to see our current giveaway and entrant eligibilities. Previous prizes have included Glam, cold hard pure gil, and housing bid money, but the giveaways can be anything members vote for! We hope to grow these giveaways into something amazing and great.
Maps - DAY - TIME
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Mount Hunting - DAY - TIME
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Rites of Passage - 50k - 250k Gil

The Sakura Tree offers services for many rites of passage and the shrine and staff can be hired out for all sorts of these important events such as Shinzen Kekkon (wedding before the Kami), age milestones, and anything you feel you might wish to celebrate and be blessed with at the shrine. Depending on duration, number of staff required, and number of guests involved, these will generally cost from 50k to 250k.

Blessing Ceremony - 15,000 Gil

Our shrine offers its Miko to perform various blessings, just won a housing plot or placed a bid and want the land to be blessed with good fortune? Want an event to go favorably? An eternal bonding ceremony to be pre-blessed? Good luck on mount or glamour farming... or even luck on your savage clears? for just 15k one of our Miko can attend to this for you with a special ceremony and blessing.

Omamori amulets - 5000 Gil

Should you wish to receive a blessing or protection in an area of your choosing, The Sakura Tree offers Omamori amulets. Currently we offer amulets for Success, Safety/Protection, Wealth, Love, Luck boosting, and General happiness. Keep an eye out though as our selection may change.

Omikujis - 2000 gil

Omikujis are fortunes offered by Shinto shrines and temples, each fortune is unique to you based on the type of fortune you ask for and functions as both a measure of your future luck and advice as to what that means in regard to the questions you had when requesting the omikuji.Common omikujis relate to love, health, and money, but you are not limited by this. Should you receive a fortune that is not to your liking or predicts bad fortune, it is customary to tie said fortune to a tree in order to have the life force of the tree protect you from the fortune, for this purpose we suggest praying to the sacred Sakura outside the shrine proper. Our Miko will explain the whole process to you.The Sakura Tree shrine frequently attaches various raffles to all Omikuji we offer, which vary from event to event, meaning your fortune can come with much more than expected even if it should prove to be an unfavorable fortune. Every omikuji is a unique experience and we hope you return to try different types and styles and for different events.

Ema - Free

While we cannot offer you a wooden plaque for which to write a wish upon and leave at the temple, feel free to use the message book located on the shrine. Placing wishes are free of charge and should you wish for your wish to remain more personal let any of our Miko know and we can make a record of your wish and place it in a special area rather than within the ema book.

Join Us

No community is complete without its members, players like you are the reason we do all of this, every one of us makes this game and data centre of ours richer by our presence. With your help we can add more and more events and fun to our Sakura Tree line up. Everything we offer can be adjusted to member's requests, and we value all input, The Sakura Tree is for all of us, not merely a few, and no one stands above any other.If anything you've seen sounds like a good fit to you, we would love to have you join us. Feel Free to reach out via the links below.


  • Fun Active Community

  • Open Shrine Sanctuary

  • Max Ranked FC

  • 24/7 Buffs

  • Fully Stocked Craft Room

Get in Contact!

If this sounds like something you're interested in feel free to hit us up in game or join our community. If you are ever in need of anything, always remember, The Sakura Tree is there for you. Feel free to get in touch via Jade Lily@Sophia